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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ideal BOdy Weight

Apasal le gambo kat atas lak nih...erm...x pelah...dah mls nak edit..enjoy the photos..:)

During lunch tadi my friend asked me about losing weight..and luckyly i had an experience in losing weight..:)ye la..i just gived birth to a healthy boy 4 month ago..and during my confinement..i lost 5 kilos and when i tried my levi's just fit up to my tight's so scary..believe me!!then i started surfing the net to find out what product should i, i decided to consume herbalife...even i'm doing BF..there's no effect on my lactation...guess what??i've lost 8kilos for about 1month plus...:)...
Anyway,after i got my desired weight..i started to diet constantly...the important thing if u want to lose ur weight is disciplin!!!very important..if not, whatever product or whatever thing u'll not affected at all....erm...berjela la pulak..:)

Forgot 1's the tips from the biggest loser programme....'DrinK A Lot Of WaTeR!!!Why???b'coz' it can increase ur metabolic that, u can burn ur calorie faster !!!

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