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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pororo The Little Peguin...

Pororo???haha...sesape yang ade small kids may know him..kui2x..
besides Dibo The Gift Dragon...Pororo becoming their fav. cartoons
to watch....i pun dah bleh hafal theme song cartoon nih...
erm...both cartoons from Korea...pandai diorg buat cartoon
cute2x. nih...anyway, here is the song...

I love to play all day
Come join me all my friends
Always happy, as can be
Little Penguin, Pororo

Snow covered wonderland
Make way for Pororo
Always happy, as can be
Everyday a new adventure waits for me

Call for him my Little Penguin

Porong Porong Pororo
Porong Porong Pororo
Porong Porong Porong Porong
Porong Porong Po! Ro Ro!

I love to play all day
Come join me all my friends
Always happy, as can be
Porong, Porong, Porong, Porong, Pororo

well, in this cartoon the main character is Pororo..of course la kan..
haha..then got Crong the baby dinosaurus..Crong thought Pororo is his sister
so, he always follows Pororo .....
then they have Loopy,Eddy,Poby,
petty and Harry the singing bird....
actually, almost all the cartoons in the Playhouse Disney....diorg suka..
umi dorg pun join sekaki..haha....


Mama Adli said...

hehe.."pololo"...anak i kata.dia pun mmg slu ralit klu tgk pororo...comel..

Yart said...

bagus la nora hang ltk link ni pd aku yg tak pandai cr link....dah dpt anak aku tgk citer2 karton...senang sket aku tgk tv...hehehe

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