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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Salam....erm...sape plak kene tipu nih????some of u guys may had a bad experience...been cheating with ur own friends or a strangers or sesape jelah......
even me n hubby pun pernah kene...well,this time
i nak share pasal 1 of my rasa company yang menipu
nih not bad gak...kedai cantik friend ni nak buat kitchen cabinet...
ye la nak masuk umah, pegi la 1 kedai nih...
nama punya la hebat...diorg nih 1 of Elyza's agents....
meh i nak bgtau apa nama kedai tuh....own by a young malay guy...
so, sesape yg nak buat curtain ke...kabinet ke...jgn le pegi situ...
she already paid for almost 5K..that's the total of 50% job.....
tunggu punya tunggu dah dekat 2-3 bln cam tuh...x de apa2 pun....
she went to the shop...asked the staff...and the person dealing with her
was actually the manager....tapi tipu ckp he was the staff there...
mcm2x dok kelentong...and me myself kebetulan passed by the shop 1 day....
and masuk just to investigate who is the owner...and found out that guy
dealing with my friend was the manager...then she started to take action...
sbb nampak sgt nak menipu...bila my friend ckp nak balik
duit dia...that guy ckp diorg dah pakai duit tuh utk rolling....
hmmmppp!!apa kes pakai duit customer!!!keje x buat pun......
so, she emailed CAP ...asking for to deal with that case....
they actually promised to give back the money by 15/1....but nothing, she went to tribunal pengguna....
and kebetulan..staff kat situ bgtau..dah ada org yg terkena dgn
CASA IMPIANA nih...not only her....aduih la....kita nih punya la nak tolong
kaum melayu...tapi diorg sendiri yang buat hal...macamana????
well, kawan i take it as a positive learning.....learn from the mistake....
dia regret jugak sbb terus bg 50% payment...pada hal x buat apa2x pun...
so, next more carefull!!!
skrg nih kat mana2x pun org bleh menipu...mcm yg i kene dulu....
diorg bukak booth dkt Giant...ingatkan dah bukak booth nih
x de la nak tipu2x...rupa2xnya terkene gak...
seb baik le sket je...skrg nih ...kalau pegi Tesco ke...
Giant ke...Jusco ke..mana2x lee....
tak hingin i nak stop kat booth2x yg ada kat situ....
dah serik...kui2x


MrS. F!zA said...

salam kenal.. cpt tak kita dtg..kekeke

eh bandar perda tu tmpt sy merapu dulu..ekeke

casa impiana tu mmg mcm pnh tgk la..
iskh3x xpttla org melayu buat org melayu la kes org melayu susah nk maju ni..

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